About me

Faisal Rasak Pic  A little about me !

  I work for myself as an indie Game Designer and Developer while i’m not working for another Game Company (a second one, where i’m Currently Employed) Freelance client or learning android app development.  I mostly create small and experimental Games inspired by Great titles or Everyday Random Thoughts.

When i’m not Creating games, i love to Read, Blog random thoughts, Write down ideas/Diary, Watch Movies or Play Games.

This is my Personal Blog where i posts my Games, Sketches/art and Random thoughts on everyday Stuffs.


Well, if you would like to Contact me Feel free to contact me through

                                                                                          Monster Brain on Twitter   Monster Brain on Facebook   Monster Brain on Google Plus

or Mail me @  monsterkillu@gmail.com

Check out my about-me Page if you like