Getting Started with Openframeworks with Visual Studio 2015

Openframeworks is an awesome framework. Heard about Openframeworks on Super Hexagon credits. Decided to try it out with Visual Studio 2015.

Extracted the Openframeworks to c drive. Using the Project Generator inside it, created a test app. Open that in the visual studio 2015 and hit compile. Problem begins. Openframeworks is not compiling in visual studio 2015. Turns out I need to do a custom installation rather than typical installation of visual studio 2015. So went to uninstall the visual studio 2015. But turns out, there’s an option to re-install. Using re-install I selected the common c++ tools in the options menu under the visual c++ section. And compiling again it works. Great. Now What?

visual studio 2015 common tools openframeworks bug

Decided to make a typing game (similar to my abandoned project Big Fat Ninja). It was also later became kind of abandoned I guess. 🙂

Working in Visual Studio 2015 was super awesome. Intellisense has really matured. The need to go back and forth to header and source files are now gone.


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