Chemistry Lab : A Free Android Educational game that makes chemistry fun

Yet another educational game that is fun and that will teach you some cool new things. Did you know the chemical compounds of Sand, Common Salt, Carbon-di-oxide or even Water? Try our latest game, Chemistry Lab for Android, and play with these chemical compounds. This game will surely make you curious about chemistry. Free game download on Google PlayStore.

Featuring four modes you can choose from.

Catch molecules to create the chemical formulas, or Try the Molecule Maker where you’ll be playing around with different molecules, Balancing Equations where things get a little bit deeper into chemical equations and reference compounds information where you can see the information about compounds that you will play with.

Easy to learn and Easy to play, Chemistry Lab will be an excellent educational game to have for your kids and even for yourself. Feel free to try it out & gain a little bit of knowledge into chemistry.

Also available in 6 more languages alongside English ie Portuguese, Russian, French, Italian, German and Spanish.

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