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Few Selected Titles of IGF 2016

I’ve been scrolling through the IGF 2016 entries and found some interesting titles (based on my tastes and biases, obviously). Hope it helps you saves time if you’re lazy to scroll through them all....


101 Best game trailers

Being a big fan of game trailers (Also Movie & even product ads too), i always wanted to make a list of best game trailers i watched & saved on my hard disk. Game trailers differs...


Android Games Mini Reviews – Part 1

Been playing a lot of android games recently (mostly games that catch my attention while i’m on a downloading Spree :)). During that furious period, i usually install and uninstall a lot of games, some...

Best of Movies List_101- 2014 Update 0

Monster’s Best Movies List 101 (2014 update)

Previously i made a Best Movies list of 101 movies, sorted according to my ratings at that time & moods. I thought the list would remain the same without much modifications. Man, i was...


The very best of Free Music Soundtracks

Since the time I’ve get rid of piracy, and due to high costs of music discs, Free music from the internet was always one of my interests. From that time onward to till now I’ve downloaded lots of free soundtracks...


Monster’s 100 Best PC games

After the previous Best of 100 movie list, i decided to make a 100 games list. Since I’ve been a constant gamer (not hardcore), i thought this will be easier. But hell it was...


Monster’s Best Films 101

This is a Recently made list of Films, which are the best according to my perceptions, views and assumptions at the time i made this list. It will change the next day, even completely...

Tougher Computer games ! Rewarding Experience ?
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Tougher Computer games ! Rewarding Experience ?

            When is the last time have you died more than 200 times in a computer game ? Have you ever replayed a level for more than 100 times...