Inkscape 1.0 badge tutorial – Video + Text Guide

Here’s the Inkscape Badge Tutorial No One asked for, but I decided to do it anyway with my voice. Maybe it’ll help someone.

Video Notes / Written Tutorial

For those not preferring a video tutorial, here’s a written one.

  • selecting the color palette to windows xp
  • Drawing a Rectangle and Duplicate it (CTRL + D) and change the color. Scale it down to this size.
  • Click again. Skew it.
  • Move it back with PAGE DOWN key
  • Now create another copy. Change its color and size and place it back to the two shapes.
  • convert it to path by PATH -> Object to Path Menu. And Double Click on it.
  • Select left 2 nodes. Click on ADD NODE button on the top menu.
  • Now select and drag the center node to right with control key pressed (constrain horizontal)
  • Now select both the added pieces. Duplicate them (Ctrl + D). Move to right most part.
  • Flip Horizontally by pressing H key. Move it back by Page Down twice
  • Voila. Our Badge is Ready

Let Me know if you have any queries in the comments below.

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