Back to Ludum Dare 34 with ‘Crusher Escape Race’ made with Unity (Dev Log)

Missed last ludum dare.

Was waiting for the next one.

Chose the theme Two Button Controls.

Made with Unity.

Made the Game called ‘Crusher Escape Race’ in Unity.

Why Unity ? Since I’ve just soft launched High Speed Road Cross using Unity on Playstore a while ago.

Idea was to control a stuff, with two controls and avoiding obstacles. So came the idea of limousine rotating through rubble and obstacles. Its a bit like the Roundabout game I guess, but I haven’t played that game.

Planned procedural generation, Infinite levels, action sequences etc. But circumstances strip down my time (along with usual headaches, marriage functions, distractions etc). Was at the point of leaving the game midway, but somehow I decided to finish it, no matter how short. 🙂

Here’s the game in Action.

Slide – Rotate – Squeeze Through

Download and Play Game


Game was made with Unity 5.3. I used Chronolapse to record the screenshots. I selected some from it and will post below. Hopefully someone might find it helpful I guess.

Started with Modelling of the Player Car. Using Blender. Just a basic Model. After a while, modified to a better looking one.

Modelling the Car in Blender

Then moved onto prototyping. Didn’t went smooth as i expected. Physics were behaving kind of weird, since the controls I required are also kind of weird too, I guess.

Something has to chase down the Car. So made a Crusher.

Making Crusher in Blender

Here’s the Unity workflow. Not that much coding or stuffs unlike my previous games. But the overall output was good, although really short. Must work on this later I guess. Into a full fledged, polished infinite chase game.

Unity Workflow Album

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