Sweet Dreamz – Post inception story thread

A short story (a sequel to inception or sort of) written to make a film out of it (someday). Inspired by concepts in inception.

“Late back in 2000’s the humans still consider dreams to be mysterious, a key to access the unconscious. The military developed the program of shared dreaming concept introduced to instill the aggressiveness deep into their minds. Like every evil research, it spread into the world, although considered illegal. Extraction of information has become widespread for corporate espionage and other evil deeds. Although there was no stories of a successful inception, rumor is that Robert fisher of fischer morrow industries, break up his father’s empire by his competition. But he denied any such claims, citing he had a trained subconscious with top level trained security.”

This is a story about a boy inspired by the idea of inception, done commonly around the world. He learns (trying) to master it, testing the concept of shared dreaming with his best friend Sandy. He learns about extraction, theft, spying but he wants to put it to some good use. To mentor the psychological tension of the peoples with mental disorders. He uses dreams to learn the minds to find something that helps to find the truth.

Finally he found out. The reason for his own psychic mentality. That he has no father, but is an orphan (which will be the climax i think :)) and his girlfriend is made his friend (through inception, but Why!!) and why he was an introvert (!!!).

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