FlashDevelop air Ane template download

One of the most frustrating experience working with flashdevelop and Air for mobiles was the addition of ANE (adobe native extensions) to the project and praying for it to work. After a lot of failed attempts & another lot of failed attempts. Finally gave up and came back & done it again. This time it worked, finally. And i don’t really know exactly why it worked. But i made a flashdevelop template using the vibration ANE found for free at devactionscript. I hope it helps some.

All i did was, download ane & swc, select Add to library for both, select options for only the ane file & choose external(not included). & add extensionID in application.xml. Read online several nice tutorials explaining how to do it, because I’m not an expert.

Download FlashDevelop Template

I’ve implemented the Google IAP billing ANE by Pozirik in my latest game Cut-it on Play Store.

Note: When running on desktop, i usually comment out the extensionID in application.xml, and remove ‘add To Library’ the ane file.

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