Cut it : release thoughts

I’m equally relieved and anxious in finishing up the game which I’ve been working on for almost a year now (well not completely, but in between 5-6 other games ūüėČ ). If you’re a Game developer or movie creator you know that feeling. A lot of thoughts are going through my head right now, a¬†mixture of past experiences combined with my own imaginative future projections in my mind. Whether¬†the game might resonate with the audience, whether they would like it, would¬†their experience be shorten due to unforeseen crashes etc. Also there are positive thoughts about how a unexpected audience might like it despite not usually into playing games, game might get noticed (if i’m lucky) and people might like it.

Its my first time implementing a purchase system for my game, which makes it even more serious.¬†Does people might think the game is worth their hard earned money ? I’m not interested in an Ad version, since it might ruin the experience and flow of the game (or at least this game). Hoping to work on more levels for free users and premium users, if things go well. Yes, there is still a lot of untapped potential for Cut-it and scope for more¬†fun and engaging modes. we’ll see.

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