Spell it – What, How, When

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Last few weeks were busy with Spell it to be released on to play store. This is a kind of Pre-Dev blog kind of stuff that should be coming along shortly. Let me briefly go through the phases of developing Spell it.


  • Inspired by ‘patience’ mini game on Dumb Ways to die. Have been in my back of my mind to make a game with that mechanic.
  • Change of vision of my company to ‘Enrich life through games’ inspired me to make this, since it might help people to spell (& learn) better.
  • Name inspired by Cut-it, my currently working title (now on hold for testing).
  • Logo was created inside my mind, later created in inkscape. Logo was designed before starting game design itself.
  • Amazing¬†Game engine LibGDX is used. Hope to convert to iOS soon. Was bit of headache, transitioning from AS3 coding to Java Coding.

Went through a lot of struggles with libGDX, game color designs and stuff. Will explore that more deeply in upcoming posts.

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