Making of Epic minimal adventure aka minimalism 2.0

Epic minimal adventure was a surprise hit on kongregate. I never thought people would like it or even play it (to that extend I had in my mind). Reviews were fairly good, but not without some negative ones. There was one review, which he said, that this game looks like it was made during learning something, which is close enough to the actual reality behind making it. The pixel hunt puzzle seems to irritate everyone although I’ve set a good amount of threshold for the surrounding clicks. And it did brought me my first paypal checkout (a small, but highly significant amount).


I’ve decided to make an elaborate behind the making of this epic (!!) game, but decided to (After a very long time) cut it short, really short points worth mentioning.

  1. Was just playing around with Keith peter’s awesome minimal components library, with lots of UI components to choose from. My admiration for the library made me think like this. ‘I should make a game with this’.
  2. During that time I was coding puzzles at Chayowo games, so that influenced me to make a puzzle related game.
  3. The Project Name was minimalism 2.0 , inspired by minimalism theme of Ludum Dare 26.
  4. Initially  it was just a bunch of puzzles, one by one. About halfway making the game, i decided to infuse some sort of story based narrative to the game.
  5. And hence born the name, epic minimal adventure.
  6. Hint system was inspired by Machinarium.
  7. Satiric elements were added (for example, piracy and buying games etc) when i run out of ideas for puzzles with certain components.
  8. Most people (who commented) really liked the credits part. Actually, when i finished the bossfight part, i really was stuck on how to end this game. Nostalgia helped me a it ;).
  9. All the code were written in a Single Main Class !!


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