List of Game ideas : Part #01

I’ve had some Game Ideas which somehow couldn’t be created or finished by me because of time constraints, lack of interest & Distractions. You are absolutely free to get inspired to extract anything out of this ideas. Will be more than happy to see what you might develop these into :). More to coming soon.

jan 2013 update (pretty old eh!)

#Idea – 01

Blind Game

I had this idea of playing a game with your eyes closed, just after the release of Breakout Xtreme, by using volume adjustments & stereo effects for game play. The Skeletal story was like, a hero in a shootout, bullets breaks some glass and makes the hero blind. Levels consists of approaching footsteps sound, another level is of turning off generator by using sound intensity & a maze which is solved using directional sounds. It didn’t worked out as i hoped, maybe later.

#Idea – 02

Forced Sacrifice

Forced Sacrifice

This is a regular kind of shoot em up galaxian kind of game, where you are assigned with a supercharged custom modified fighter plane, packed with tremendous amount of explosives to save the earth from an alien ship in earth’s atmosphere.

But the problem is the alien ship somehow got destroyed due to some unknown effect of atmosphere. Now the Fighter plane must be destroyed or earth will be destroyed. He has to make a Forced Sacrifice.

#Idea – 03

Ride n Shoot

Running Shooting Concept

One boy’s lifelong obsession with driving & shooting. He starts off with shooting balloons while riding his bicycle in his childhood days, shooting glasses of teachers (or any other stuff) on his friends bike, shooting the criminals while in police etc.

#Idea – 04

Bipolar Disorder


He must control the two opposite sides of his personality so as to clear the obstacles of his mind. Can he make it without sacrificing the Other.


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