Cut it Devlog – Part 1 – The Beginning

I’ve been thinking about writing about the development behind the game Cut it (Devlog), which is by far the biggest Solo project I’ve done so far. I hope this might help the game developers out there, just like many of this kind of blog posts of other game developers helped me. So i’m considering this as a contribution to the gaming community and sharing the tips and experiences during the development of Cut it (The Flash Version and the ongoing Android Version). I’m keeping this short and simple (i think it works better for me and the readers, in this busy world, if you need expansion of a particular one drop a comment below).

In the beginning there was,


1. The Original Cut-it by Petri Purho

I liked the original (but not that much then). It was pretty neat, hard and relaxing.

2. I never completed it,

Until one day one of my college mate & best friend ‘Ashik’ played it. I said to him i got upto this level and he said, that level is easy there is more difficult levels ahead. That day i tried playing it again, finishing it (never thought i could finish that).

3. Searching for new Levels,


I searched for new levels, but couldn’t find any but in one comment on his site, someone mentioned levels are just small bitmaps. So i decided to make some levels and even made a level pack, which you can download here (code-named Cut-it : Monster brain Mod).

4. Graduated from college, working as a Jr. Game Developer at Chayowo Games (Now RubySeven), was in charge of puzzle levels using Flash ActionScript. Learned a lot from Chayowo, that helped me in developing, analyzing & completing my later games.


5. Being afraid of physics engines (box2d like), i accidentally came into love with Nape physics engine, while experimenting with it.

6. One day Stumbled across Emmanulle fernato’s blog post on Slicing in Box2D, i got curious. No, i didn’t followed that tutorial, its methods seems too confusing for me. So i tried to come up with my own methods of cutting stuffs in Nape (not a neater one i guess it’ll work pretty fine).

7. And yes, then the thought about creating a Cut-it (Online Flash) game was rooted in my brain, and the journey towards Cut it began.

In the next Dev-Log I’ll be looking in to the technical details of cutting & Nape physics Engine. Don’t forget to post any suggestions.

Cut it Devlog Series

Part I – The Beginning

Part II – The mechanism of Cutting

Part IX – Converting Starling to Native Flash

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