Smash Hit Down : A Mini LD Demake challenge

Being an indie (or even before, where i was an indie admirer), I’ve always wanted to participate in a Ludum Dare 48 Hour Game Jam. Making a game within the constraint of 48 hours is kind of risky stuff most are afraid of (me too), that you have to present whatever sloppy (or if you’re in a good mood & lucky) or spontaneous crazy game ideas you can come up with, to the outside world. So before the main event, there was a WarmUp weekend, just to try something hands on, making some mini games. And the Theme was Demake.


I came up with Smash-Hit Mobile game (loved the game so MUCH. Mediocre guys are amazing) demake. I was hooked to that game at that time and was highly inspired by its simplicity & game design aspects. I don’t really have any idea regarding how to break stuff (but know how to cut stuff) in the Nape physics Engine. Initial mechanism was scraped and later went on to some other methods to break the stuff, quickly made a small but deep level and Voila!!. Smash Hit Demake is ready to Smash Stuff into pieces in all its 2D physics glory.

Play Smash Hit Down Now



I’m pretty happy with the result. Comments mentioned the glass shattering was fun, gameplay was cool, music, rewind effect was interesting, i should make a post-compo version of this etc. Thanks for all those uplifting comments and several flaws with the game. Someday i will expand this in another type of game. You can checkout the Entry Page of the game here to view some comments & stuff like that. I’ll be doing a separate post on how i made this, what went into breaking stuffs etc, so as to keep this post neat and short.

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