3D Puzzle Frenzy : A 3D puzzle prototype in Flash

Not in a distant past, i happened to stumble across an amazing Vector based 3D flash library called Five3D. Just by looking at some of the demos by its creator Mathieu Badimon, i was impressed at its capability, and its free too (Feel free to checkout his Labs Page, its so Cool). Anyway, i decided to create a game in it. A 2D puzzle Compilation of different sorts in a 3D environment. Well it turned out to be interesting at start, but later , you know. The 3D library is amazing though, i’ll be looking forward to creating a game in that soon.

Checkout the Demo below (Click on the image below, as far as i made). Only first 2 levels are playable, which cannot be completed (no win condition).


If you need the source i’ll happy to share with you. Just drop a line.

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