Fight Zone is released : Getting into Online Games

I’ve been reluctant to enter the vast realm of Online games, because of several personal (mis) beliefs, even though i play a lot of Online Games. It was after the encounter of the infamous AS3 (Actionscript 3.0) and Flash, as a part of my daily job (a big credits goes to the company) , and of course inspired by many other flash developers & indie game designers, i decided to jump into the world of Flash Games. Previously i’ve been using Game-Editor, a program to create games easily (not without code, there is lot of C stuff to be done inside that simple program!). It has been a great experience before AS3. After making several test games, prototypes & moving on to the framework such as flixel it has been a good start.

Fight Zone Image

The Fight is On !

Play Fight Zone Now

Fight Zone is a multiplayer/Cooperative game i’ve had in my mind for a long time. Flixel made this game possible. I’ve been testing the Flixel library, and saw the FLXCollision example and instantly fell in love with the character & Flixel ( especially its smooth movements). Flixel, in my experience, is a great framework to get the game running in no time. I can fully concentrate on the Game Logic rather than spending my time on how to move & create stuff, optimize things etc. Within no time i started doing the game, adding levels, removing the levels, collision problems etc etc. Several levels were removed finally because i felt its getting repetitive. The Bonus level was a last minute addition in order to give players who complete with some challenge.

I’ve already started working on my next project, which i cannot possibly tell when its going to be finished (or be finished at all). Feel free to send in your suggestions/Ideas/Tips/ Advice, i’ll be happy to hear.

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