Cop Run Demo

I’ve been working on this game for quite some time (which doesn’t mean i’ve been working on it full time but as usual, starting with some stuff and leaving it for some time, later come back and do something & finally dropping it half way). Its kind of running game, mainly inspired by the artwork by meadowsweet at Independent Gaming Source, and games like canabalt, bit-trip Runner etc. Anyways, its been a headache to get this thing done (Finishing the game was, always the hardest part, as Derek Yu as said in his article), i’ve finally completed the demo (which, btw is very short, sorry if you like to play more of this). I’ve lost interest in this due to game-designer’s block, laziness, headache & boring-ness during game development. The game was supposed to be a Puzzle Game with the character running, but couldn’t complete it. Next time.


Download Now(Latest)


Created in Game Editor.

Player Sprite & Weapons by MeadowSweet from Independent Gaming Source.

Music Electric shindig bu Aaron P from Independent Gaming Source.

Thanks to GE User LacoteMale for finding Bugs.

Graphics made in Gimp.

Sounds created in SFXR, Audacity & from various websites.

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