Quite simply, How Complex is Simple !

The preeminent objective of this obscure titled article is to point out our sheer negligence of the inherent complexity of the term called as ‘Simple’.

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We humans seems to have a tendency to simplify things, perceive things in simple notations, even a naturalistic tendency to think in simple & easy terms. We could see tons of examples of simplified Complexity in all aspects of our everyday life. We normally avoid reading complex articles (like this), avoid thinking everything in terms of atoms & molecules, avoid thinking about infinite alternative possibilities that can occur when we set out for something, avoid complex movies(eg: Fight Club, Inception etc), avoid thinking about how much we are simplifying things(subconsciously), disregarding the complexity, even though the complexity is known.

It seems that human mind (or human brain) is tuned for simplicity. To think in new terms or complex stuffs, is to make changes in the complex neural systems, which is quite complex & tiresome work, which is why, i think, we are more tired & sleepy in front of a college textbook than youtube. Its easy to sit around & watch movies, rather than to think about making one, easy to work for a company, doing what they told you to do, rather than make one yourself, easy to reject/neglect or accept the concept of God, rather than going deep into various religious stuff to know what it really is or learning about all the complex & evolutionary (Dawkins Stuff) things for not believing in it, its easy to go along the known & regular , rather than take the risky path of  unknown & improbable.

I really wanted to convey the idea in a more simpler way (than the above one). The idea that simplicity is just another perceived notion, an abstract convention, which often leads us to erroneous conclusions. Nothing is simple or complex, relatively speaking.

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  1. Ajith Memana says:

    Its true that people love simple stuff… But the fact is very few people care about making things simpler.

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