Re-Watchable Movies : Are you going to watch it Again ?

What makes a Movie worth watching again ? I’ve pondered over this thought, considering the movies i watched again or likes to watch it again. I’m so surprised to find very less number of Movies on that List.

Inception happened to be the Only movie i saw more than 5 times, as far as i remember !

Inception happened to be the Only movie i saw more than 5 times, as far as i remember !

1. Visual Style

On the Contrary, I think, the one thing that prevent us from watching movies again (usually) is the magnificent human memory & Storage. However casual or carelessly you watched a movie, whenever you see any scene next time, the entire movie may actually came to your mind & the whole movie will become predictable & sometimes redundant.
       Hence i decided to look for some factors that would’ve made the movie re-watchable, considering the movies that i watched again for various reasons.

   – Although we could rewind the entire movie in our minds, its often difficult to visualize it in minds. So to refresh it, we may see it again. Some movies have Rich & complex visual styles, that cannot be comprehended in a single viewing. Eg. Hero, Inception, Avatar

2. Diversion
   – Some films, especially thriller/suspense films divert the viewers into whats going to happen next mood in the first viewing, But provide even more things to look out for when viewed next time. The next time you watch it, you know whats going to happen next, you may look for how the director weave it that (& sometimes look for errors too). Eg: Saw, El Orfenato (The Orphanage), Spirit.
NB : I watched El Orfenato (spanish!) 2 times. It felt like an Entirely(truly) Different Films each time.

3. Emotionality
   – Some films may touch us emotionally. Maybe because it represents some part of our life or our personality. You may see it again, just like you yourself in the mirror. To refresh those emotional moments, when you are devoid of it or whatever. Eg: Avatar, Ustad Hotel

4. Late Appreciation
   – So you see a film, not bad, Nothing special you see about it. Later you heard & realize how intense, how much deep it is, how special was it. So you watch it again, with a completely different perspective & Respect. Once it may be an ordinary one, next time it may become your favourite. Eg: Avatar, Saw, Inception

5. Complexity
   – This factor, it seems like a paradox to me, of whether it makes a film re-watchable or not. Because if its too complex, you won’t watch it even one time, if its too simple you may never watch it again. I know its all relative,but somehow i feel movies should have an equilibrium between simplicity & Complexity. For Eg: Inception was simple (for me) enough to understand (Storyline & basics?) at first time watch, but provides highly deep complexity stuff for further viewings. 

6. Compulsive viewing due to various factors (viewing styles & Environment)
– More films i watched again, was primarily due to compulsion (& i wish too). For eg. i may watch a film alone, then watch again with my Family or Friends Or i watch a film at theater and later again on TV or DVD. But factors that make it re-watchable make me watch it again.

So Are you ready to watch it again (or read this again?) !

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