Late Night Work !

I’m usually a late night guy (as most of other guys i hope), although i never liked to be running late i always end up working late at night. It seems to be bit contradicting at first but its what it really is. I’ve tried to change the patterns but have deliberately failed, i’m still working on it.


Perhaps the most attractive feature of late night is its pure silence except the high frequency chirps of cricket, ticking of clock and lovely noise of Fan. I thought of this as a great advantage in working late, the reason why i lag in working or studying till everyone gets asleep. The Concentration and thinking runs pretty high during this time. Many of my works has been completed during late nights. There had been a time when i took nap in evening and turn to study in midnight. Maybe its the lonely nature of me that was forcing me to do this, maybe its the attractiveness of silence of the solitude, maybe its the distraction-free working atmosphere that makes me a late night worker.

So why after all i hate to sit and work at late night ? Perhaps the first & foremost reason is the lack of freshness & consciousness in the morning (Late Morning). It also often happens, when you work late night & had to wake up early, the lost sleep could take a heavy toll on your consciousness and spirit, making you look sleepy and sloppy. The lost sleep will somehow get back to you (newtons third law), while you sit somewhere, or in the class or in the bus travel. So next time you see someone sleeping in the class or the bus, maybe its the Lost Sleep. Late night also speeds up the internet, as well as the emotions & desires & some other things which can lead to some undesirable things, which can be unproductive. The feeling of sleep lost and work not done at night in the next day is one of the reason i hate late night working.

After all I suggest not to work late night, although its highly productive and better silent atmosphere which could improve your work, but will took lot of energy from you. I can’t provide a better solution for this dilemma, which I’ve been working on. Maybe you could switch between late night or early night based on priorities, or find a similar atmosphere somewhere in daytime or try some early morning strategies ….

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