Birth and Death of a Blog !

Despite already too much on the table, with a website and a blog already in hand, i went out to start yet another blog which focused on Solutions to Problems. Well it turns out to be another problem which lead to its shut down immediately after the first Post !


Consistent blogging is still one of the greatest problems the bloggers[especially me] have faced. So starting a blog on solving the problem itself seems to be a big problem for me. Sounds a bit confusing. Thats another problem i face with my friends and audience, who seems to be confused about what i write. It seems like every thing seems to be a function of a random variable called Problem.

Why i am so interested in Problems ? That question itself is false. So ask me, Why am i interested in Solutions ? In brief, its just that i’m fed up with hearing about problems. The big irritating factor about the problems is not the problem itself. But the ‘Blaming-the-other’ for the problem. So instead of blaming someone or the authorities , if everyone was interested in coming up with a solution the world would’ve been a better place. But that’s the ideal case, which will never happen.

So what’s the objective of this blog ?. Well i say, you may figure it out than me telling you. Well, my aim is to inspire you to think about Solutions rather than Pondering over the problems. Brain is in fact more versatile that everyone of you is a Living , walking Problem-solving-capable Super computer. So why just show error messages. Just start Debugging.


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