Throw away your TV *

   TV. I’m loving it as much as i’m hating it. Loving it because it provides an efficient way to grasp information or excitement within minutes which is equivalent to reading 10 pages. Hating it because the very factor for which i’m loving it are exploited for the mental exploitation of human Mind. If you don’t like reading past this, go and waste the time on that stupid TV channels.

      I fell in love with Tv since…..[History goes on..]. Ads ! I hate Ads, well most of you too i guess, but i’m paying a lot of money for seeing the programs, not the ads. I know that’s not going to happen, its whats paying for channel’s income. Why on earth don’t i get ad-free premium channels ? I’m ready to pay for it ! I bought a series of PLANET EARTH Dvd’s and it was so lovely watching it without any Ads interrupting it. But i have to pay, but it was worth it.
     Whenever my subscription goes out of date and TV channels are out for several weeks, there is no urge to get it back on. What i once believed was a necessity of life seems more harmful to life now. How many people learn from watching TV ? Watching Discovery channel, Discovery Science may help you get some knowledge about something, still they are now filled with Ads of all sorts, and when entertaining programs are on other, who cares seeing Discovery anyway.
     One of the major dangerous drawback of the TV is the wasting of time. I’ve wasted a lot of time on TV. With so many channels with wide variety of programs, unwanted channel surfing may caught you with some interesting program, which continues as a chain reaction. If you intend to watch news and during break you may find interesting movie, you’ll spend more time on movie too. I also often watch TV in excuse for a Rest or for Relaxing purposes. But more i watch tv, more the brain is working and it made more and more tired. The multiple channels, multiple programs, multiple Ads, Sounds, Visuals, Effects, humans, animals, Logo  etc etc are more than enough for a normal brain to Heat up.
      TV can be a great media, but only if it can be made useful for us. The utilization of TV in a productive manner is still too much difficult. Try to understand it, and make good use of it.

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