Tougher Computer games ! Rewarding Experience ?

            When is the last time have you died more than 200 times in a computer game ? Have you ever replayed a level for more than 100 times ? If you have, well this blog post is for you, and if you don’t have, consider playing these games for a heightened experience.

From Top left to right : 1. Flywrench 2. Osmos 3. Machinarium 4. Cogs 5. Jumper 6. N-The way of ninja
            7. Karoshi 8. Braid 9. World of Goo 10. Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 11. And yet it moves 12. Meatboy 
        Is mario bros tough ? Well yes/no, i can say. But on average for anybody after some experience, its not tough after all. It never challenges you to do split-second decision, never challenges you with 100 death traps, it doesn’t make you die so easily.
        Meet some of the tougher, frustrating, test-your-patience, break-your-keyboard kind of games.

0. I wanna be the guy : One game i intently avoided is this game, “I wanna be the Guy”, which unfortunately i haven’t been able to clear the 10% of first level, and that too with some 20 deaths !!! It is definitely made for hard-hardcore gamers. Check it out, if you have the Guts !

1. Flywrench : The first time i played this, i hated this game very much as i loved it. It has got 8bit graphics, irritating music(at first), and of course difficult levels. It has got the simplest mechanics with just the 4 arrow keys. I played it for 4 months, till i fed up with some later difficult levels. after several months i came back, and finally after hours of patient gameplay, frustating 100’s of deaths i finished it. The Joy of finishing such a tough game was turned into a greater rewarding experience that cannot be obtained by GTA or NFS. no Offence :).

2. Osmos : Osmos is an Ambient game. Its easy, until you move on to later levels. This game really tests your patience with those trajectory, Orbital velocity and that kind of physics. Some levels are static, that your each click counts, really testing your patience. I’m yet to complete it. A multi-award winning game.

3. Machinarium : Its a point-n-click adventure game with puzzle elements. The puzzle elements are tricky, must really use your time and brain together to solve through it. Yet it’s really interesting as you go on solving. A multi award winning game.

4. Cogs : Moving-Slide puzzle with hell lot of varieties. Beginners can get easily hooked up into it, but may later on drop out as difficulty rises up. All puzzles are cleverly designed, with zero redundancy which makes for an interesting gameplay. Yet use of brain is must. An award winning game.
5. Jumper : Jumper was the first game i’ve played in this whole category. After completing tutorial levels, i died 10-30 times in first level itself !!! Rage, frustration, anger will surely follow. But i managed to complete 20 levels later on, till it became real hard. Now i can simply play through first 10 levels easily. It requires just your patience, your perseverance that’s all.

6. N-The way of Ninja : Yet another jumper like game. This one’s based on physics, rockets, laser guns, high-fall-deaths etc. The best flash game i’ve ever played, with a whooping 500 Levels. A tough game to beat, but yet i managed to complete around 250-320 levels. Was the Audience award winner at IGF.

7. Karoshi : Kill yourself. That’s the game. The game is not that tough, but is tricky in all levels. Adding to it karoshi 2.0 and karoshi factory features some higher difficulty levels. But afterall its interesting to play.

8. Braid : One of the beautiful, elegant and clever game i’ve played. At one point i got stuck, i felt it’s too difficult to overcome it. As always i searched online, reading official walkthrough(guide) of game by creator jonathan blow himself. After reading first level guide, i clicked next. There was no guide to later levels, instead an advice from himself saying “Solving puzzles by yourselves is the utmost reward and reading guide will just spoilt the Fun”. I took it to my heart , and i completed the game although got stuck at too many levels. Never lose hope.

9. World of Goo : One of the first indie games i fell in love with. It has that charm, simplicity, humor and Fun. As we move to the end levels become difficult, but is great fun. A superb must play title. A multi award winning game.

10. Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 : A ninja fighting third person, PS3 exclusive game. It surely demands your button-timing ability along with close observation of split-second enemy moves rather than maximum button smashing. Beginner level was tough, next level was even tougher, and path of warrior(high difficulty) was instant death.
11. And yet it moves : This is an interesting game with a nice twist. You can rotate world so that you can complete the puzzles. A neatly designed game, but can be quite hard for some, who don’t like the rotating world, head aches etc. Puzzles are clever, yet quite interesting.

12. Meatboy : This is another flash game which was famous for its difficultiness. Its a jump-jump-reach-up game, but with hell lot of traps and hazards which are ready to kill you if you make a slightest mistake. I’ve managed to beat the game despite 100’s of Meat-fries.

           Now you may wonder why i haven’t include mega games like GTA, Crysis etc. I admit that many games are difficult as levels moves on, but many of them are designed for broader audience, so average difficulty must be chosen, or else they will go Bankrupt. Its quite frustrating, difficult and yet deeply interesting playing call of duty:modern warfare in Veteran Mode. The above games are small games which doesn’t have any difficulty setting, and in contrast absolutely simple controls too. Difficult games are more fun you see. 

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  1. Thanks . You may be right, but in another sense these games have a lot to teach us. The patience, the eagerness to win, the pleasure of hardwork,frustration associated with continuous failure. These are USEFUL Games in that sense.

    Sure i'll think about something useful in future, But the USEFULness varies with viewers.

  2. good review, congrats..!!

    but do u want to spent ur talents for this type articles instead of something with usefull purposes.


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