Effects of Being an Anti-Pirate !

   Being an Anti-pirate in this world is like being an Alien on Earth or like an Angel which had just descended from the sky (a little exxagerated ) or a mental patient with serious head problems ! That said below are some reactions towards me on knowing that i’m a Genuine (Anti-piracy) Guy.
 * You are Kidding me, Right.
 * You are SAINT man (really) !
 * How can you live without these in this modern times ?
 * Are you a millionaire ?
 * Your’e a F****** idiot. Have you ever heard of internet ? [made it up comment, for sure]
 * Are you mad or just damn crazy.

   Rest of the comments are all permutations and combinations of above statements…..Lovely life being an Anti-pirate.Please try.

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