Game Development Start !?

My Eyes get caught @ the banner which says FREE GAME MAKER and Upload games for free. That’s from website makers itself , The NewsGrounds. Opening up a Wide range of oppurtunities for the users worldwide to make and upload their own games for free ( with Limited options ofcourse like 10 MB max, no multimedia support). The Basic version they call it , THE GAMES FACTORY 2.
First Impressions !. Well , Interface looked clean and simple (until i started complex things). The Tutorial Rise up , and started doing it and get interested in the FLOW of game making.Absolutely NO programming Required. Its like a Visual Basic where you draw windows, Buttons everything instead of writing each and every aspect of each components.
So the Question arises ? Is there any benefit to do these things without programming stuff. I say this argument is useless. Even if its Programming or Click & Drag development the LOGIC Remains the same. If you know the logic , there is no question in how you do it.
I’m not saying Programmed Games are waste of time. Of course it has improved performance and Flexibility. Not mention the underlying Complexity.
I’m going to create a game ( copy some games ! ) , a Breakout Clone with slight improvements.
Let the Game making Begins.

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