Why I Blog ?

This is my very first Blog post, way long back, at a time when i wasn’t sure or even interested in the Concept of Blogging and Such. Its feels quite good to read those olden words of yourself.

Dear Web geeks , Web surfers and accidental web pedestrians, I’m Monster Brain (The name i’ve given to my Internet Avatar/ Split personality) . Let’s jump into matters.

First of all , I’m not a big fan of Blogs. Now i am doing it , and that’s the way the World works isn’t it. I don’t want to waste my blog on posting news , unnecessary things. That’s surely wastage of my time and yours. This blog may be useful for those who are looking for Best Games, Religious views (Logical), Inventions, Weird views about some subjects , twisted thoughts of life etc.

I started this blog to Aid my website http://monsterbrain.yolasite.com/ .Hence the crucial site updates may also be present here too.

Thanks for Reading.

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