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Attractive, Harmless, Highly Contagious : Ads 1

Attractive, Harmless, Highly Contagious : Ads

Eames : “Its perfectly possible. But its bloody damn difficult.” Cobb : “Just have to go deep enough” Eames : “Its not about the depth actually. We need the simplest version of the idea... : Why .com? 0 : Why .com?

” With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility ” – Spider Man   Its indeed a great moment for my blog (and myself) to have been promoted to a Domain from the stuff. Good...

Tasting of Lays : Bon appetit ! 0

Tasting of Lays : Bon appetit !

 Lays ! No movie is fulfilled without its addon. A perfect sharing packet for hanging out with friends and to fight for. It surpasses its rivals with its sheer glory, unmatched quality and the ‘Name’. So...

The Mega Project Begins !! 0

The Mega Project Begins !!

Finally exams are over which paves way to kickstart our final year project, nicknamed as the MEGA Project. Well its not a Himalayan project as it may sound, but the mini project was nicknamed...

Mini Project Rush 0

Mini Project Rush

 ‘Who System’         The name given to our ambitious mini project. Through out the mini project there was lot more frustrations, anticipations and excitement when things get finally done. The system is...

Let the MicroProgramming Begins 2

Let the MicroProgramming Begins

 As part of my College Studies , I started a section on my website called “Microprogramming” of Microcontroller 8051. I like to show some simple Understandable Problems through assembly language.  I’ve not yet started...