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Easy GameJolt Flash Api integration for Games (As3)

Gamejolt is an awesome platform for indie developers to showcase their games. And they provide API for implementation of trophies, highscores and user data storage etc. This is a tutorial for implementing the GameJolt...


Liquid Simulation in As3 using Nape

Stumbling across Patrick Matte’s liquid simulation experiment on his blog, i decided to give it a try using the Nape physics engine. (of course the idea and code of the liquid bitmap stuff copied...

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Creating Beautiful Shapes using As3 Graphics Api

I always like fancy graphics stuff that just works. Creating graphics using Code and Mathematics was one of them. One day, while trying to create some wobbly circle using Sin and cos inside For...


Growing Plant generation in As3

I’ve been working on this game and i thought of adding some growing plants in it for some reason. I’ve seen the effects of growing plants (eg. pixeljunk Eden), and would love to do...