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Cut it, Slice it, Slash it – & drop the Power-Cube to extract energy from the ground.

Cut-it is a physics puzzle game that will have you thinking in creative ways to figure out
each uniquely crafted puzzle and obstacle across various distinct modes of gameplay.

Your mission is to extract the energy from a distant planet, that will
save our world before it moves towards a dreaded energy crisis.

Buy Cut-it Level Pack – I : Alternate Payment options

If you don’t have google wallet access (especially where it isn’t supported or customers who couldn’t afford them), here’s a couple of Payment options for you. You will be send a mail with a download link for the Android APK file for installing.

1. Paypal

Pay through paypal to

2. Bank Transfer (Indian Bank account)

If you are an indian Gamer and is interested in getting Level-Pack but don’t have access to Google Wallet purchase, send money through online bank transfer or direct bank transfer to my Federal Bank account & get to download full version of the game: If you are interested send a mail to

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