Chemistry Lab Game : Why going Ad-free

Why Removing Ads

I don’t like ads in the first place. The reason for placing ads was to make some revenue from non paying users, which is quite the majority. Of course, it’s distracting, takes up space, interfere with the game play as well. As an educational game (or it claims to be), ads shouldn’t be there. Also google play reported sensitive ads being shown in the app, which I’m really worried about.

I paid for Remove Ads. What would I get ?

Thanks a lot for supporting me, even though you might be trying to get rid of the ads. I’m planning to convert that purchase into a silver membership scheme, where you will have access to few extra levels and mini games, that are not accessible for free users. Or so I think.

Mean while if you’re here by chance, this is about the chemistry lab game for android on playstore. Go check it out if you like.