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Be Poor, be Better

“Being poor has lot many advantages than being rich that can only be realized by a Rich when the poor may only envy the rich” Being poor is better than being Rich. Although in...


Monster’s Best Films 101

This is a Recently made list of Films, which are the best according to my perceptions, views and assumptions at the time i made this list. It will change the next day, even completely...

Attractive, Harmless, Highly Contagious : Ads 1

Attractive, Harmless, Highly Contagious : Ads

Eames : “Its perfectly possible. But its bloody damn difficult.” Cobb : “Just have to go deep enough” Eames : “Its not about the depth actually. We need the simplest version of the idea...

Indie Fever : Limbo, SMB & Botanicula 0

Indie Fever : Limbo, SMB & Botanicula

For the past week i’ve been playing 3 beautiful indie games. Got it from the Humble Bundle at a fair price. Heres my take on that. Botanicula   “From the makers of Machinarium, with Dream like... : Why .com? 0 : Why .com?

” With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility ” – Spider Man   Its indeed a great moment for my blog (and myself) to have been promoted to a Domain from the stuff. Good...

Life in Constraints ! 0

Life in Constraints !

   You may not be quite happy with the title of this post, which i originally intended was ‘Life better in Restrictions’, which you won’t like either. By ‘restrictions’, i mean the rules, the...