An Epic Minimal Walkthrough

This is simplified walk through of a simple game called ‘An Epic Minimal Adventure’.

If you happened to be here by chance, try playing this game before reading this – Play Now.

Feel free to stop playing it after you get frustrated above certain level. (I’ve done that for many games, but some of them became my favorite after i came back & played it later).


Don’t use this walkthrough unless it is utterly necessary.

Using walkthrough may drastically affect the satisfaction (But may help avoid frustration).

So for balancing it, Each is divided into two categories.

Part #1 – Tips & How to Play (Try it before giving up Please, No Spoilers ! & Scroll this page Slowly)

Part #2 – Complete Solutions (Spoilers)



Click on START to start the Game.


Use Volume Knob (Click down on it and Drag up or Down) to adjust volume (remember this!).


If you don’t know what to do, do three things.

1. Try in a different way.

2. Click on the Hint Button (on top). A minimal mathematical question will appear. Click on [Ans] field and enter the Answer.

3. Yet another minimal game play hint will appear below (& Think about it).


Mouse positions (x & y) are shown in Top Right (Remember this too!).


Puzzle #1 – Crossing the Pond


Click on Buttons ULDR (Up, Left, Down, Right) to jump to the next Stone. If you step on a Wrong Stone, your’e killed (See that ‘Killed’ Text). Remember the Correct Stones you traveled.

Final Solution


Puzzle #2 – Amnesia


The Pattern looks like the Stones we just traveled. So highlight the path you’ve taken (On Clicking on it).

Final Solution



Puzzle #3 – Tri-Quad Lock


Click and Drag the Sliders to Unlock the Door. While Dragging, correct position triggers the indicator on the Right (First slider is in Correct Position). Unlocking Progress is indicated by the Right Vertical Bar.

Final Solution



Puzzle #4 – Rapid Climber


Tap the ‘Arrow Keys’/ Left-Right Keys on the Keyboard, Alternatively (And quickly) before the Fire on the Right reached Top. Button Smashing won’t help, but timing of Alternative Key presses might Help.

Final Solution – You outrun the Fire


Puzzle #5 – Buy Now (Really)


Please, Click on the ‘Buy Now’ Button, even if you don’t wish to buy the Game (& wishes to continue the Game).

Final Solution

Click on the Buy Now button a number of times to read the sarcastic Messages against buying Games.


Puzzle #6 – Thanks for Choosing to Buy


Click on Cash, Credit Cards, Paypal, Coins in your wallet and Click on the buttons inside it to add the Money to Bill Amount.


Click confirm to Buy the Game for 9.99$ and get the Bonus Stuff.

Final Solution

Click on each button to reach the Price of 9.99$ & hit Confirm Button


Puzzle #6 – Hectic search for Ancient Wisdom


The Co-ordinates looks like Mouse Positions.


Use the compass to quickly reach near the co-ordinates (Signal becomes High when near it, and Green Light flashes when you are above it) and use mouse Co-ordinates to pinpoint location (not accurately, but close enough). Click on the location to uncover Secret.

Final Solution


Click on the areas in order given above & in places given above


Puzzle #7 – Reviving the Ancient Secret Powers


Use the Control Knobs (Just like Volume Knob) to adjust the various powers. Each knob affects its adjacent knobs. Make it somewhat similar to the Left Figure.

Final Solution


Adjust knobs to above positions (No Absolute guarantee this works fine, but some adjustments will surely rectify it).


Puzzle #8 – Minimalistic Battle


Click on ‘Start Battle’ to start the Fight. The Bottom Bar shows the time of Witch’s attack. You have to attack before this time runs out.

Above Bars shows the Health of Hero & Witch respectively. Red indicator will blink if either of them gets a Damage.


Click on the Hero’s Area to show the ‘Powers Popup’ (Click and hold, release mouse over the power to unleash it).


Final Solution

The Counter Powers are

1. Laser x Mirror

2. Fire x CO2

3. Snake x Eagle

4. Acid x Water

5. Blades x Shield

6. Sword x Shield

7. Woodlogs x Axe

8. Zombie x Shotgun

9. Mosquitos x BugSpray

10. Undroid x iOZ

11. Linux x Vindows

After the Long Battle ……………


Video Walk through is Available at : / (Direct Link to Youtube video)