2017 Game development updates

2017 has been an eventful year. So what were the main highlights of 2017 so far,

Game Dev

  • Release of Darkarta on Steam. [Was the game programming lead on this one. C++ Game Engine] – Mar 2017
  • Tried out Openframeworks C++ Engine [inspired from Super Hexagon] – Blog Post
  • Tried out Cocos-Creator Visual IDE for Games which uses javascript/coffescript. Released a game using it. [Mathemaniac Game]
  • Kidz Hub Learning App for Kids – On Google Play [Playstore Link]
  • Super Soccer Under 17 world cup promo puzzle game [Playstore Link]
  • Super Math Lab Game – mathematics game for kids [Playstore Link]
  • Android Release of Remake of Idiom Quiz Game with Art from Jomon [Funny Idioms Quiz Link]
  • Play Store Release of Chemistry Lab Game [Game Link]
  • Playstore release of simple Toys Kids game [Playstore Link]
  • Google Play release of Math Blaster – A mathematics puzzle game [Playstore Link / Slideme Link]
  • Android release of Match and Learn Science Game – A memory matching learning game [Game Link]
  • Google Play release of Minga – Minimal Games – [Game Link]

Blog Posts

  • Unity Game Tips and Tricks Page [Link]
  • Making a Snake game in unity 3d [Blog Link]
  • Several blog posts for Released Games.
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