TODO Lists : In Mind & in Reality

At any given time, I think, people will usually have a list of tasks in mind to be completed in near future. We’ll I’m not sure about others, but I do have a lot todo stuffs in my mind. The question of whether or not this todo lists gets done, is what this blog post is all about.

As I’ve been writing this, there’s a minimum list of 4-5 things (high priority) in my mind which are actually planned for this night, after a hectic day job. Although I know that the maximum I could do will be a single task, in mind, the completion of multiple tasks seems trivial & takes not much time.

I think this is the reason why deadlines keep jumping forward (under normal conditions), because those who plan things in mind calculates that tasks can be done in a short time. I also thinks that having this kind of plans will actually be a positive reinforcement (only if you force yourself to sit and actually start doing, for eg. This article) to complete the tasks. Otherwise it can only haunt you from within.

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