Few Selected Titles of IGF 2016

I’ve been scrolling through the IGF 2016 entries and found some interesting titles (based on my tastes and biases, obviously). Hope it helps you saves time if you’re lazy to scroll through them all.

1. Linus


A minimalistic line-former (moving through lines) with some puzzle elements and Interesting gameplay. Looks fabulous.

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2. Blackhole


A great platformer to look forward to. Blackholes, gravity inversion, vvvvv stuffs … Looks promising.

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3. Hocus


Escher drawings. Reminds me of echochrome. Looks like a decent puzzle game. Feels some polish is missing though.

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4. Distance


The successor of Nitronic Rush. Need anything more to say.

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5. Knotmania


Unravel the knobs squiggling about in the room. Looks squishy and fun too.

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6. Gameover


Monument valley-ish style with some interesting puzzle elements. Looks cool.

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7. Gnogg


Gnogg is visually stunning. Looks really lovely and puzzles looks interesting too.

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8. Graybles


Inter dimensional swapping. Fez on a small scale, I must say 🙂

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9. HomeSick


Home sick looks sick (Awesome). Atmosphere feels creepy. Really polished.

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10. MiniMetro


Minimalistic Metro simulation Awesomeness.

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11. Numberfull


Have fun with numbers.

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12. Shadowmatic


Brilliantly designed. Elegantly executed every part of it. A wonderful game i suppose.

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13. Tumbleseed


Funky and Cool colors. Tumbly gameplay. Looks good.

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And another special mention of a game I’m currently working on, a Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game

14. Darkarta : Quest for Little Honey


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There’s a hell lot of titles I might have missed. I’m quite tired scrolling through the list. Hope you enjoy this list.

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