Dropped Game Projects (Unfinished games & codes) – Part 1

Have got a lot of discontinued projects or unfinished games from the past. Some were still residing in my hard-disk, cluttering my work space folders. So decided to clean that all up. Decided to push it all online, so that someone interested might have a look at it. Get inspired by it. Try it and see if they could come up with a better one. Or to see how i got it done, if you’re curious.

Red vs Blue (Flash / Flixel game engine)


A Competitive single player/ multiplayer platforming racing game. Players race against each other or against the AI. First time implementing AI (sort of). Made several levels and dropped it.


Technical / Source Codes

>  The Maps were made using bitmaps with black forming the blocks and white forming the rest of the space.

> Uses two cameras for splitscreen purposes. Check flixel demos for further info.

> Used FlxBitmap fonts for the first time using Flixel Power tools by PhotonStorm. They are awesome.

> Implementing AI was a challenge. How to make the AI jump when a obstacle is ahead and also more importantly, how to make him jump like a player would jump. So i made a workaround solution. Made two extra maps. One is called AISureMap and AILuckMap. AISureMap contains blocks which are near to blocks ie when AI hits near a block he jumps for sure. AILuckMap contains ideal points for jumping that will make him jump  so that he will not be blocked by blocks, ie he makes perfect jumps. This is checked with a difficulty probability, more difficult means the chance of AI making a perfect jump is more.

Falling Bricks (Flash / Flixel game engine)


Made during the development of Red vs Blue. Idea was kind of raining bricks while you dodge them and reach the top. Somehow got the prototype up and running. After that left it. It was a good experience. And i liked the results pretty much too.


Technical / Source Codes

>The Falling bricks bitmap looks like this


> I traverse through the bitmap, and check if its a black dot by if(blockBmp.bitmapData.getPixel32(j, i) < 0xFFFF0000) then add a 1 to an Array

> Now i set a interval timer and whenever the Array of value is 1 a block is generated at top, which will fall to the bottom.

> There’s two groups of objects. One is blockGroup which is falling bricks, one is fixedGroup which is the bricks that get fixed on touching ground or fixedGroup. Also shaking was added for added sweetness 🙂

If anyone would like to get a full source code + Assets of these games let me know.

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