Dilution of the Information Essence

It seems like we are in a hurry that we seems to have no time to read long articles or big books(I’m afraid of big books when i see them), no time to put together a long status update (& no time to read one), no time to play a long adventure game and keep playing short term casual games, no time to go through a detailed news article (skimming through the headlines, that too occasionally), no time to watch a movie which is long & drags (but interesting, like shawshank redemption). That’s why, i guess, where the popularity of tweets, memes, Top lists of ridiculous-somethings, best 50 stuffs-you-should-know-about-right-now etc etc comes from. I have no idea how many of you might have read past this sentence at all.


Time seems moving fast, years felt like days, hi speed internet, smartphones and social media overflowing with information that is so large that it may take several lifetimes to store them all by a normal human being. So it happen to me, a theory, after pondering over the reasons behind the craving for short & to the point, top ten lists, memes, ten things to do in your life kind of articles, learn something in 5 days, fast paced block buster movie etc., the theory about the essence of information & its dilution, an analogy to foods or instant energy drinks. In short would you like some essential vitamin pills or a full course dinner ?


So i formed this theory of information dilution. Its not a new theory, its a new representation of something which already existed. The books, novels, movies, games are all diluting the essence of ideas/information into digestible form. Of course the reader may wish to know or would be curious to know the moral in it, the climax of it, the essence of it. But only when he has experienced it fully, in its diluted form, i think, he has deep understanding about the essence of it.

Does this rambling made any sense to you ? I hope it did. If not let me know your thoughts, contradictions on it etc.


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