Minimal basketBall Flash Game : MinBa

Being a fan of minimalistic games (for Eg. 140, Flywrench, VVVVV etc sort of) i came across Minimal Games on Android which features a collection of minimal games. It looks good, but plays really weird & seems to take away the fun element out of it. So i decided to do a Minimal game collection called as ‘Minga’ or Minimal Games, which includes all kinds of fun & educational and interesting (hopefully) games which has got something for everyone who plays it.


Play Minimal BasketBall / MinBa

So i present you one among the several mini games of the sports category, i call it as MinBa – Minimal BasketBall Online.  Made quickly within a few days, actually wanted to test some stuff, but went on to make a small game out of it. Hope you enjoy it and become a skilled MinBa Player.


Its not entirely minimal in a sense, but I’ve stripped down stuffs to a minimal level. Here’s a Prototype Preview of the upcoming Minga collection for Android.


Credits : 

Inspired by Minimal Games on Android

Game design & Programming by Myself

Designed in Inkscape, Gimp, coded in As3 using the awesome FlashDevelop IDE, Uses physics library Nape physics and Tween Library KTween.

Sounds made using amazing SFXR and modded using Audacity. Basketball sounds and whistle sounds(credit:joedeshon) from &

MenuMusic (inspired by MojoMills) from and Game Music (Chip Chippy Loop) by StratKat.

Game Testing by Rojish, QuickSand Games (tigDB), Jaseem ..


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