List of Game ideas : Part #02

Another second set of Game Ideas which somehow couldn’t be created or finished by me because of time constraints, lack of interest & Distractions. You are absolutely free to get inspired to extract anything out of this ideas. Will be more than happy to see what you might develop these into :). Check out the Part #01 List here.

August 26 – 2014 update

#01 : Jump Down (Unity 3D Prototype)

A secret mission to extract some valuable stuff from some villain’s industries, a.k.a mission impossible style jumping down from a plane and descending inside the building to its floor. Building’s roof is blasted and hero dives into the building, where a lot of traps and twists and turns awaits. Idea is from a 2d game of similar theme but its just about diving down and avoiding obstacles.



#02 : Mario Run (Nostalgia :))

Basically the same old video game Mario Bros, with a one button control for jumping that is suited for touch devices and just for nostalgia. Due to licensing issues I planned to do it using Kenney’s awesome pixel art assets.

Mario bros run android

#03 : Bipedal – 2P cycling game

A 2 player bicycle riding game, where the players use 2 buttons which must be tapped in some sync motion to make the bicycle go fast. Inspired by QWOP.


#04 : A Complicated Number Game

An idea about recreating a square numbers pattern, which are filled by horizontal and Vertical shooters. But i can’t seem to come up with a logic for them.

number shoot puzzle

#04 : Endless Feature Addition

A normal game. But once the player finishes it, he gets one item to add or delete from the level. So each player makes the game to the next player different.

#05 : Blobby Volley Physics

I was a big fan of blobby volley game on pc.(Search blobby volley and you’ll see). I searched similar game on android and found SlimeDroid and its was awesome. Later i played Soccer Physics which was really fun & is best suited for touch devices owing to its single button gameplay. I wanted to make a blobby volley with a one button mechanics. Hopefully later :)…

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