Into Android and the world of touch screen games

So one day I got some unexpected money from a game which was in pending somewhere and at three same time I was looking for an android phone, end result being buying a Samsung Android and was making games for it since (and learning app development in between). Finally getting into android development.


To Android and beyond

First of all i didn’t liked the touch screen devices(until I encountered an apple iPhone). Till quite recently there hasn’t been much change (with some exceptions). Maybe I was too reluctant to leave the old buttons Nokia phone (still using it as the main phone). Or maybe I didn’t find many productive stuff, or the easiness compared to buttons, or found it unnecessary. Anyway just like many other things, I started developing apps and games for it. Although the developing can be done with the help of emulator, the touch experience is the essence of it and i don’t think that could be felt in an emulator. I’ve been inspired by many apps and games, disappointed by a lot many. I hope to try some new stuff for the touch screen. Wish me luck.

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