Creating and polishing a Game prototype in As3

I recently had an idea for a game where a man climb done the hill, step by step, seeing a man climb down our office building, for cleaning the Glass.

So i decided to build a prototype prototype in As3. I wan’t satisfied with it, but i went on to completing it, to a playable prototype called as ‘Descent’. And i just wanted to get a polished look out of it. So i added some free graphics from openart bundle, and made some graphics in Gimp and added it (and music & sounds too). I’m amazed by how much the game’s feel can be improved by including such graphics and sounds (rather than the sharp looking rectangles and circles). Feel free to check it out.

Click or Space to power up and start Descending.


Play the Prototype (3 kb)      –      Play the Polished Version (400kb)

Download the Full source files from here

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