Vessel indie game : A Liquid MasterPiece

For those Guys & Girls, who are not comfortable with the Reading reviews, elaborations or spoiler warnings, the entire review is summarized in the single line below.


Vessel is a massive, unique and inventive puzzle ‘Adventure’ which incorporates Cool game play mechanics (especially the extensive implementation of the properties of liquid & the AI), cleverly executed puzzles, awesome music, exploration, strong back story & an overall emotional experience. Buy an Analog Joystick just to play this Game’

And for the rest of you,

[Little bit of history]I’ve come to play vessel without much interest in playing it. I’ve already seen the trailer of it a long time ago (graphics & game play didn’t strike me then), and after a long time since I’ve downloaded & played the Demo of it. I didn’t like it (controls were frustrating, nothing much interesting, misleading etc) then. Since then I’ve read lot of reviews saying how it was one of the best puzzle game of the decade and such. Somehow, luckily, i happened to download the Game from humble bundle, and happen to have a game pad (for playing assassins creed). I started playing it, slowly, really slowly, [again]… slowly, so that i could enjoy the game for many Days. !


No amount of words could explain the feeling of playing a game so fully formed, every elements blended together. So it would be unwise to say the individual qualities of cheese, bread, chillis, spices, tomatoes than saying the taste of a fully formed Pizza. That said, i think i’m becoming skeptical about game reviews and movie reviews in general. I’ve seen many games which scores average, criticized by critics staying on top of the charts (exceptions are there, of course). I’m too, an avid reader of this reviews.

So coming to vessel, it isn’t a typical puzzle game, like solving one puzzle, next level, another one etc. But it moves through the story, exploring the levels and you have to figure out the puzzle in that scenario. Its more like puzzle is being a part of the story. And the wonderful Liquid simulation. I didn’t actually looked precisely at how the liquid moves or how it interacted with environment or paused to think ‘wow that’s a cool liquid effect’, in fact its so integrated that sometimes i failed to realize its beauty.


Vessel is an incredible game. You’ll never complain that its short. I played it again with keyboard and mouse and felt it’s kind of annoying(Gamepad highly [again] Highly Recommended). Its an experience you cannot miss.

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