Multiplayer Game Prototype : Shoot Soccer

I’ve had this idea of making a 2 player competitive game. My first game (!) Battle of Fury was originally intended to be a 2 player fighting game (inspired by the Amazing Pocket Tanks), but was cancelled due to technical ignorance & illiteracy. I wanted to do a completely different kind of game, which of course is simple to play and has simple key controls so that 2 players could share a single keyboard. So that’s the story behind the origin of “Shoot Soccer“.

Shoot Soccer image

Shoot Soccer in Action !

Download Game (1.5 Mb)

Many of the inspirations came from the Online Game Soccer Heads Championship (Cool Game) and those indie games which uses Simple Controls for their games.


Game Created inĀ GAME EDITOR

Graphics were done in Gimp

Music from 8 Bit Games Contra and Wrestle, by Virtua Nes Emulator

Playtested by my Cousins Ijaz & Shalu.



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