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I’ve had this plan for a long time, to post the ideas of variety of games that i came up with, for others to use to make games. So, is it a good thing giving out ideas while i can make it on my own ?. What if someone copies any one of this ideas and make a great game and claim that the idea is of them ? What if they make money out of it and people laugh at me for giving out ideas for free ?

Running Shooting Concept

I think these questions are both intimidating & profoundly confusing for someone who likes to share his ideas.  I think its better to share ideas which you can’t make it on your own. Even if you make something of your idea, someone can still steal it, make a better one and make more money. So to be clear, i’m not much concerned about the copyright issues or credits issues, and i will be happy if you could make a game out of these ideas. Of course these ideas maybe inspired by many other games (Good thing they haven’t hold any copyright on their ideas & stuff) & everyday life. And don’t forget to give due credits to those behind those inspirations.

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