Game Prototype : MELODIA

    Yet another game Prototype i worked on for several Days. Inspired by the Music-Beat type game ‘Bit Trip Beat’, i decided to make a sound based game. Although ideas going through my head seems quite interesting, but in implementation it feels quite different from what i think of (Maybe better). I have designed several levels, but each level has its own Logic, so that i couldn’t generalize the level design & make some more levels.
Melodia Game Prototype Image

Download Game (Ver 0.5 Alpha)

Feel free to Test this new game and drop in suggestions on what could be added/removed to make it better (if i may work on it later).

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2 Responses

  1. Sandy says:

    Very nice concept! I enjoyed figuring out the first 2 levels and accidentally solved the 3rd one as I did not really understand the goal in 3rd level.

    There are a few technical problems with the game like the ball sometimes tunnels through the paddles, especially if they are overlapping or close together.

    Also, the UI could use some improvement. Eg. there should be some indication as to which tools are usable in the level and which are not. It would also help if the tutorial text is displayed for a few seconds at the beginning of each level as the goal of each level seems to be different. Other than that, more levels and a slightly softer sound should be enough to ship the game.

    All the best!

    P.S. The captchas for posting comments are a pain in the backside. Consider disabling them unless you are getting a lot of spam.

    • Thanks a Bunch .. Pai… It gives me immense satisfaction in seeing someone giving me such honest & constructive feedback .. Although i designed many levels for this one, each level had a different mechanics, hence couldn't implement a general framework .. This was a quick one.. Done in between other projects .. You've forced me to release the next build , which i'm glad to work on… Sure i'll change that captcha thing .. I too hate that..

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