Wierd hobbies – Collecting unusual stuffs

I’ve had some weird hobbies which wasn’t considered weird at that time but later something made me think so. I still don’t know what psychological explanations could be given to the gratification obtained by doing those things in those days. I think its a very basic human nature to collect things, look at them, arrange them etc. Besides the regular hobbies (or i think so) like feather collection, coin collection, stamp, tattoo sticker, 8bit video game cassette, cricket card, game cds, car magazine, match box cover, pen etc. I’ll just go through some weird hobbies i could remember doing.

Experiment with Games

Car name collection I started collecting the names of cars during school days.  Later i arranged the names based on companies in a 200 page book. I stopped it when i realized . . . . Forgot it . . 

Sensitive news collection  – this is the most recent hobby i have. I collect news columns, magazine features  which contains weird news and facts , crazy murders and rapes, controversial issues, problems of modern world, religious debates etc. Although the reason behind this specific targeted collection is maybe the quest to find the solutions to these problems, to understand the motives and psychological factors behind this things and for justifying my own conclusions and thoughts. Now i continue the same in internet too. Hot stuff.

Collection of animal names and company names  I still don’t know why i was interested in names so much. I note down (usually carry a pen and notepad) or memorize the name of company i see in a textile shop or billboard or a car parked on roadside. I used to collect names of animals from animal planet or digest magazine or from encyclopedia at friends house. I stopped it when i realized there exists more than millions of species or maybe internet makes it so easy that it doesn’t made sense anymore.

Company logo picture collection I’m always fascinated by the logos of companies, not because of its underlying meaning or aptness but because of its beauty.  I even like to draw them occasionally.

Misc collections – There exist some other types of collections which i cannot reveal because of its uncensored nature, and mostly because i don’t like to think about it.

NoteJust when i was writing this stuff down, i came to read (coincidentally) one passage from ‘Unfinished Business’ by Maggie Scarf, dealing with psychological studies which goes like this

” Older Children, which is to say children in the Latency years (six to twelve) deal with problems and difficulties by not dealing with them; in other words, they try to avoid thinking about matters that may be painful or frightening, and to keep busy with preoccupations of a variety of sorts (the “collecting, classifying and counting” of things is, according to Dr. Anthony, the kind of activity that absorbs the latency age child). “

Still yet to unearth the psychological factors that lead me to this….

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