Battle of Fury : My Second Game

Ever since the release of my first game, BreakOut Extreme [Play it here, if you haven’t & if you dare], which has gathered some fairly mixed reviews, there has been a long gap for my next release. I’ve to leave Games Factory 2 since the Free version has expired, which made me migrate to yet another free & opensource game Making software called ‘GameEditor’. Although it was frustrating to become familiar with GameEditor, the in-software tutorials were helpful & the flexibility it offers by the integration of C-style Script-Editor was so Cool.

     So Technically, this is my first GameEditor game to be published. The idea was to create a Two Player versus Tank fighting game (a.k.a Pocket Tanks, inspired by), but later went into some technical issues regarding second player. Hence the game is modified for Single-Player. Its also the first time i’ve implemented a ‘Menu’ system for a game. Since this is my first release of a Downloadable Title, i’ve decided to put up a Box-Art using Twisted Brush Studio. (Of course the Game may not look the same as given in the Box Art, which is true for all games).

Battle of Fury : Official Box Art

Battle of Fury : Official Box Art

Since the Alpha version of Battle of Fury, I’ve been testing on a Shooting methods using Mouse, angles, tan() etc. What started of as a testing, later grown into yet another game. So i decided to add that too with the release. As a Bonus for all my beloved Game-Players. Games are pretty Rough & Tough.

Hope you’ll enjoy it & feel free to Criticize & Praise it.

Download for PC / Download for Linux / Download for Mac

Controls & Tips

BOF is a One-Button Game [Most probably Space-Bar] & Drop-em-Down is a No-Button Game.
Here is one Basic Brief Tip for you if you want to win.


Reviews of –Battle Of Fury

“A remarkable Debut. He must stop game making ASAP “ – Monster Times

BOF creates a Genre by itself. It redefines the definition of genre itself ” – One Late night Gamer

The Game accesses the very rare parts of the Subconscious mind, & trigger simultaneous firing of axons which is the key to Multilevel thinking. It surely is a psychological exploitation Game”  – Game freak Psychologist

Credits :

Created by GameEditor

Game Concepts & ideas : Somebody else’s

Game Designer & Producer : Faisal Rasak

Concept Artist & Sketching : Monster Brain

Play testing & review : Lasiaf Brain

Sounds generated by SFXR software

Music recorded from ‘Contra’.

Music edited & compressed in Audacity

Animations & Graphics created in / InkScape / Twisted Brush Studio

File storage partner

Thanks to Almighty, my Family, my Facebook friends, Newsgrounds, GamesFactory & Others.

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