Thought for Food !

          The food eating is so rewarding process. Its one of the thing that’s differing human beings from animals. We used to enjoying the food. Its not only about sustaining life but gives pleasure as well , just like sex. Although i haven’t tasted it yet. The thing about eating food is that you always have a choice. Whether to eat without any feelings or with emotional attachment. The first one is animalistic in a sense that purpose is just eat and fill stomach. Second one is more spiritual one and doesn’t require much quantity for complete satisfaction.
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          Even water have taste. When i was in hyd , we used buy lots of mineral water cos the water there is not good. The taste of mineral water tasted so good that we prefer it above cooldrinks. The thing about slow and lovely dining is the feeling of infinite variations of tastes from a single dish. I love eating although i’m kind of little eater.

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