: Why .com?

” With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility ” – Spider Man

blog com

Its indeed a great moment for my blog (and myself) to have been promoted to a Domain from the stuff. Good things comes with a price, well .com fits to that too. So there are two things that will help me with .com.

1. Since .com is costly i’ll make sure to somehow make use of it by blogging often (a.k.a Motivation over money wastage).
2. .com seems a bit ‘Serious’ than , which may infuse some ‘seriousness’ to me & viewers.
.com may also comes with a ‘Little Pride’ of having a .com Domain and a little bit of Interest for Adsense and Money Making . I’m trying my level best for resisting these innate selfish feelings of my twisted mind. So lets .com
[PS : The X in is not referring to any Extreme content or x rated Content (Although it has a little or more implications in a sense. its just that i didn’t get ] 

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