Be Poor, be Better

“Being poor has lot many advantages than being rich that can only be realized by a Rich when the poor may only envy the rich”

Being poor is better than being Rich. Although in a world where the governments trying to avoid poverty and individuals strive to become rich, this statement may seem little discouraging. The above statement had come up during the recent time in my mind, just another thought-product i guess. The views i’m trying to show you is purely based on my observations regarding me and others, as well as many books and articles.


      So are you Poor ? No, you may say in your mind, thinking of poor beggars on the streets and thinking you are not ‘That’ poor. So are you Rich ? No, you may say, thinking of the Celebrities, Ambani Bros., your Rich Relatives & thinking you aren’t that Rich. So by being Poor i assume its relative. Not to the extremes, but closer to the Poor side. I’m a Poor blogger. And i like it.

So what’s so special about being Poor ?
1. You may be devoid of facilities that won’t make things easier for you. So you will work   hard to earn them & are greatly rewarded.
2. Edison was poor, so was Abraham Lincoln, Arthur conan doyle, micheal faraday etc.
3. Indie game designer Petri purho (of crayon physics, cutit fame) had given a lecture on “w
hy Being Poor and Having No Budget is Good For Making Games“.
4. Being poor you have to be selective and must search & research about Products, Movies and other things before buying it.
5. You will start to avoid things that has not much use, not much worth buying.
6. Being poor, devoid of gadgets, internet & other entertainment devices, you will start to go outside for playing, socializing, making friends etc.
7. Being poor, with a low end mobile phone, you won’t waste time by playing addictive games and won’t use low bandwidth internet.
8. Smaller the number of things you have, better you utilize them.
9. Being poor, you will have a reason to go to work, than sitting idle at home.
10. You may eat less, which doesn’t make you sleepy and hence can do work.
11. Being poor, you are avoided by the people’s gossip about your status, richness and all sorts of things.

to be continued…

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